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Post by Cassidy Vega on Mon Dec 05, 2016 6:52 pm

RING NAME: Cassidy Vega

NICKNAME(S): Ms. Devil-May-Cry

PICTURE BASE:  Alexa Bliss

AGE: 23

HAILING FROM: Chicago, Illinois

HEIGHT & WEIGHT: 5’1” // 102 lbs

ENTRANCE MUSIC: Thousand Foot Krutch - Light Up The Sky

WHO ARE YOU?: The saying: the young and reckless, is an understatement for the walking pipebomb, Cassidy Vega. She is a bubbly, sharp-tongued Valkyrie that loves flying through the air when she’s in the ring--but once someone picks on her for being short, Cassidy tends to get more aggressive and uses her anger to damage her opponents in the ring quickly. So with new faces and new challenges standing in her way, Cassidy Vega is ready to fly her way in though RUW’s Ranks. Now ready or not: it's time for Flight and Fight.


STRENGTHS: Cassidy is Extreme. She’s not afraid to take risks in the ring. Many of time she has put her body on the line all in the name of wrestling. Other than the reckless nature she has, Cassidy is very honest or ‘Blunt’ on the mic. She doesn’t care if she upsets people when she speaks--all that matter to her is that she's getting her point a crossed. She likes to talk and speak her mind which can be very bad most of the time. (No fitter at all but that's just the saw she likes it.)

WEAPON OF CHOICE: Other than her body? She likes leather whips.


SIGNATURE MOVES (3 MAX):  High Tides (Top Rope Diving Double Knee Drop), Feeling the Breeze (Asai Corkscrew shooting Moonsault) Downward Spiral (Diving elbow drop to a standing opponent and/or to the outside of the ring)

FINISHER(S) (3 MAX): No Regrets (Cassidy screams ‘No Regrets’ before doing a Corner-to-corner front missile dropkick to her opponent.) , L.S.B. AKA Lock, Shock and Barrel (Sliced Bread 2), The Vega Vice (Kneeling fujiwara armbar)
Cassidy Vega

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