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Leah Brooks.

Post by Leah Brooks on Mon Dec 05, 2016 8:08 pm

L E A H  B R O O K S;

Ring Name: Leah Brooks.
Nicknames: N/A.
Picture Base: Rihanna.
Age: 24.
Hailing From: Inglewood, California.
Height & Weight: 5'8", 131 lbs.

Entrance Music: Really Really -- Kevin Gates.

Who Are You?: Leah could’ve very easily been a statistic. She shouldn’t be here right now, and she knows that, so she treats every match like it’s her last. She spent most of her childhood in police safe houses, being shuffled to her dad’s court dates, and staying at relatives’ houses with her brothers when things went south. Such is the case when you have a gangbanger dad and a mom who’s not sure whether or not she’s strong enough to leave. Loving wrestling was her escape as a kid, and now doing it for a living was the outlet she never had. Oh, she’ll give her body to this sport -- and she’s got no two ways about breaking yours just the same.
Alignment: Face.
Strengths: She’s resilient...or stubborn, depending on who you ask. She doesn’t know when the fuck to quit. She’ll keep getting up again and again until an opponent makes sure she absolutely can’t. She’s resourceful and street smart (think Eddie Guerrero), and while she’s not gonna flat-out low blow you or anything, she’s crafty as fuck and that’s something to look out for.
Weapon of Choice: Loaded fighting glove, a la Madison Rayne.

Wrestling Style: More brawling than anything else. She can be something of a technician when she wants to be and is deceptively strong, but a tendency to inflict blunt force trauma with fists, feet, and elbows is the core of her moveset. It’s what happens when you grow up fighting.
Signature Moves: Knee drop bulldog, spinning backfist, snap DDT.
Finishing Moves: KTFO (multiple elbow smash variations -- running, discus, short-arm transitioned into), Murder Wrap (bicycle superkick). 
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