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RUW History

Post by Eclipse on Mon Dec 05, 2016 12:25 am


Rage Unleashed Wrestling, a small promotion founded by friends Eclipse Diemos and Steven Gustke to invade the world of professional wrestling. Where Steven held actual ability to formulate shows and plot out ideas of how to separate them from all others, Eclipse brought something else. His personality and his drive to create violence lead him to create the most brutal match types ever televised. This also led to the drawing in of numerous faces around the globe. With the blood soaking the mat, RUW became known as the “Church of Sanguinus” and drew in a crowd of like minded people that reveled in the violence. This violence and instability brought with it a slew of lawsuits and outrage by the PG crowd, which brought it off the air of several syndications. RUW became a live only show, shown on grainy youtube videos and seen by crowds of bloodthirsty fans until eventually closing down all together.

Many thought that this was the end of RUW, but stirrings could be heard in television networks. Eventually, Spike TV unveiled their first TV - MA wrestling promotion, as RUW debuted with a whole new style and set of management. Led by an enigmatic figure known as Abassi and with a slew of other superstars, RUW ditched its moniker as the Blood Sport and became a genuine Professional Wrestling show. The issue with this new image was what the originals saw. Eclipse especially shared negative views with Abassi and how he was running the show, and eventually when his views were heard, the crowd elected to go along with it. They even began to boycott the show altogether until Abassi decided to appease them, giving them the most dangerous matchup in RUW history, and a staple point of their show. The Devil’s Pit match. From there, RUW once more became a stomping ground of dangerous and dark blood fueled mayhem, which the crowd took to like ravenous piranhas. It was the height of RUW for a solid four years, until eventually members of RUW ended up leaving the company, including it’s cornerstone with Eclipse Diemos and Alexis Diemos.

Many thought that RUW would never recover, but the show maintained, even with Abassi seemingly dropping out of the business. However, in 2014, to the shock of the RUW world, Eclipse Diemos resurfaced as the new general manager, continuing on in Abassi’s departure and leading RUW to another year of programming until eventually he parted ways with the company fully, and Spike put it on Hiatus till further notice.

Now...something stirs in the “Church of Sanguinus”. The Voice, an enigmatic figure from RUW’s past has appeared, and with it comes a new era for the company. An Era once more filled with blood and destruction, but on a grander scale. As if The Voice is trying to enact something for RUW. To ressurect something dangerous. And with the people that he is pulling in, through deception, the promise of power, a grant of some sort, it doesn’t matter. He wants the strongest fighters, from every background. And the Church has opened its sacred doors. Welcome to RUW.

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